Natsumi Hioka

Known For



Place of Birth
Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Also Known As

Natsumi Hioka

the Japan of the female voice . Born in Sapporo , Hokkaido . Product Baobab affiliation.

After watching late-night animation in high school, I became interested in voice actors, and then decided to enter the Tokyo Announcement College . Parents said they were negative for initial admission, but allowed it to produce results .

The high school " The Melancholy ", " Macross F ", " Eden of the East " are addicted to, the other favorite voice actor Ryohei Kimura , Saori Hayami has cited.

With respect to the cartoon, " Space Brothers for" it is the story to impress, such as tears, that are reading, everyone else for more than a few years.

Favorite food is offal and salted squid , is the favorite artist is the same from Hokkaido with its own Sakanaction cites. He also revealed that the first CD he bought was aiko .