by Samantha Shannon
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Format: Unknown Binding

Language: English

Published: September 19 2019

I'm sure many of you are wondering what's going on with the Bone Season series while I'm busy with a separate project. Don't worry – I'm working on it! My hope was that Priory would be out this year, but as usual, I underestimated how long everything takes in adult publishing. Priory is scheduled for early 2019, so I suspect, since Bloomsbury has never published me twice in the same year, that TBS4 will be out in early 2020. While I know this is much later than you might have expected, I've successfully pitched a Bone Season novella, in the vein of The Pale Dreamer, that I hope will be out in mid-2019 and will help to break up the wait. After that, I'm going to work myself to the bone so I can to get at least some of the remaining Bone Season books out on a yearly basis. (No promises, as I suspect the last three instalments will be longer than the others and will therefore take a touch longer to write, but I'll do my best.) I'm so excited to be returning to TBS4 in April – I suspect this is going to be my favourite book in the series so far – and I'm hoping to have a complete draft by July.